Nina out and about being active in the community

Nina out and about being active in the community
I am a hands-on Green, out and about being active in the community

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nina Goes Greener at East Ren's GoGreener Sunday

I dropped in on the excellent Go Greener event in Rouken Glen last weekend. Masses of people, loads of great stalls and this very very green man. He is, inside, Salvio who organised this with a horde of very keen volunteers. I hosted a small discussion session on getting green projects going and there were some enthusiastic young women from the local school who are keen to get their school recycling properly. I hope they can round up colleagues from the other secondary schools an really put the pressure on the council to do more. That was my idea on the idea tree behind me. If Greens are elected to Holyrood we will be really pushing for true Zero Waste and opposing the fake version as represented by the Loganswell incinerator plant proposed for just down the road from this lovely park.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Peace Ads Buses

I attended the launch of these muslim peace ads on 60 buses in and around the Glasgow region. At the Ahmadiyya mosque in my ward. The sun came out blindingly after all that rain in the morning.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Supporting Vigil Against Violence Against Women

I joined a hardy bunch of women (and some men- feminists come in all shapes!) at the Vigil in George Square on Friday evening, in driving sleet. Well done to all who turned out in vile weather for this with banners and home made placards. There were some very strong speeches and personal testimonies.
I was there to support the Glasgow Feminist Network at their vigil in support of their campaign to change attitudes to violence against women and rape in particular.
A Tory MSP (Bill Aitken) recently disgraced himself and his party with unacceptable comments about a dreadful attack on a woman in the city centre. I spoke out against his outburst and the Herald published my letter calling for better lighting, gating of lanes and so on as ways to contribute to a safer environment for all in the city.
In my role as elected councillor for the city centre (and Anderston) I have been very proactive in campaigning for anything that will end violence against women, including changing attitudes that lead to violence (I support the End Prostitution Now campaign), changing the places that lead to violence (I work with council and police officers on changing how our city is planned, to design out the dangerous places, like dark corners) and supporting projects, such as TARA and others that support trafficked women and get them into safer places.
I always vote against cuts to womens projects.