Nina out and about being active in the community

Nina out and about being active in the community
I am a hands-on Green, out and about being active in the community

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Today Wisconsin, tomorrow Scotland

Have no illusions, what is happening today in Wisconsin this week can happen here whenever someone in power has a whim. If you are lucky enough to be in work now, go join the union for your occupation. If you are already in a union, get more active.

To quote part of Niemoller's famous warning:
.... They came for the trades unionists but I didnt speak out because I wasnt a trades unionist....
.... then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.......

Update 13 march 2011
Sadly, the unions have lost. Governor Walker forced the vote through and they now have no bargaining rights in the state. Terrible terrible news for public sector workers there. Did you know that many public sector workers in the USA, such as school teachers, do not even get their medical insurance cover paid by their employers?

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Greens Support Parents and Teachers against SNP cut to teaching hours in Renfrewshire

Steen Parish and I went to this march and rally yesterday.
See our banner at top left in this pic of the rally of parents, teachers and kids at Paisley on Sat 19 feb. 500 capacity hall and another 300 outside in the rain. This was an amazing rally of fast acting local empowerment.
Renfrewshire council have approved a harebrained scheme to use EU money intended for getting long term unemployed off the dole to put such folk into primary schools in place of teachers. These people will get a few days training and will then replace teachers for 10% of the school day (on minimum wage) and the SNP have the nerve to call this "enrichment".
The teachers have voted by 95% to oppose this madness with industrial action and the parents have pledged their support. The council says it doesnt care as it will use the mountain of unemployed teachers to scab in the event of a strike.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Fair Trade for Scottish Farmers

I am sure you are familiar with the Fair Trade logo. It guarantees that producers are paid a fair price for their products and is mostly for food and other items from 'developing' countries. Perhaps you choose Fair Trade bananas, tea, coffee or cooca, as my family does.

However, I think it is time we looked a bit closer to home. Did you know that the milk you buy in your local supermarket is produced AT A LOSS TO THE SCOTTISH DAIRY FARMER? The supermarkets have forced the price they pay the farmer so low, that farmers LOSE MONEY on every pint. This is a disgrace. Worse, it will drive our own farmers out of business.

Do you prefer fresh milk, dried milk or longlife (UHT) milk on your cereal or in your tea? Fresh milk? I thought so. Well, if our local farmers can no longer make a living producing fresh milk then the alternative is for imported dried or UHT milk. This has pretty much already happened in the USA, where fresh milk is all but unobtainable except at elite farm shops.

The time has come for Fair Trade to apply at home as well as abroad. If you elect me to the Scottish Parliament, this will be one of my campaigns: